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You are about entering the initial website of WAYS, the permanent global network of young scientists. WAYS is being developed under the aegis of UNESCO, and is dedicated to providing an environment for young researchers -principally between 15 and 40 years of age - to carry out quality scientific research and actively participate in science policy and decision-making.

WAYS is already IN ACTION. The Organization was officially launched at the World Science Forum in Budapest, in November 2003. The 1st WAYS General Conference took place 11 to 13 December 2004, where the active members with an even geographical distribution and from all scientific disciplines participated and decided on major issues of structure and functioning.

We already have members from five continents. Additionally, we benefit from the support of some very valuable senior scientists, including Nobel Prize winners. The honorary president is Nobel laureate Professor Leon Lederman. You can also JOIN THE NETWORK as a new member, partner or supporter, and contribute to as well as benefit from the development of our CAREER CENTER, see what we provide AROUND A THEME and discover your possibilities AROUND THE WORLD.

To make the Network function effectively, we are inviting you to browse through our website and if you would like to suggest additions and changes, please feel free to contact us at the WAYS Office, make your VOICE heard and share your ideas with your contemporaries in the forum, send your comments to the WAYS team, and apply to become one of our coordinators.

Thank you for your co-operation!

The WAYS team

E-mail: ways@sztaki.hu
Secretariat: H-1111 Budapest, Kende u. 13-17., Hungary
Mailing Address: H-1461 Budapest, P.O. Box 372. Hungary
Tel/Fax: +36-1-279-6119

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World Science Forum,
Budapest 10-12 Nov. 2005.

1st WAYS General Conf.
Marrakech 11-13 Dec. 2004


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Malaria mission and discoveries in Malawi.

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