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5 Interesting Things you Can Do With Virtualization


If you haven’t tried virtualization yet, then you may be left behind. Most companies are going for virtualization for reaping all the benefits it has to offer. Virtualization means that you can run two or more operating systems on a single physical PC. There are lots of interesting things you can do with virtualization.

1. Run old apps

If you have an application that won’t run in Windows 7 or Vista but works with XP or the older versions of Windows, then you should get an old Windows CD and install it in your virtual machine. Then just install the app. When applications run in the virtual machine, it appears as if they are running on your host computer.

2. Read virus-infected data

If you have an important file that your antivirus program has detected as being infected by a virus, then you can still open the file using virtualization. There is a feature called ‘snapshot’ in virtualization software that lets you create a saved state of the virtual OS and the hard disk.

3. Test software, new configurations, or updates

You can use a virtual machine to test updates, software or new configurations of software before running them on your main operating system.

4. Run Linux on Windows (or vice-versa)

You can easily run Linux on top of Windows or vice-versa. So, instead of repartitioning your computer’s hard disk you can install any operating system inside a virtual machine. Mac and Linux users are using virtualization for many years to run Windows on top of their chosen OS.

5. Back up an operating system

Backing up OS in the virtual machine is just like backing up any other file. This is not possible in any other way and so encourages many people to move to virtualization.

Virtualization offers lots of benefits. Businesses can run more efficiently on a virtual machine. Many interesting tasks can also be done with it. It is the future of computing.